theMutant Problem!

In the time since a mutant assassinated the US president, anti-mutant sentiments have grown to a fever-pitch. The nationwide implementation of the Mutant Registration Act reflects this tension across the nation, but nowhere is this more evident than in New York City, which itself has become a major population center for mutants.

Enacting the MRA has created a new federal department: O*N*E*. This government agency is tasked with enforcing the Registration Act, and seeing that the mutant population is accounted for under government supervision. This same office employs mutant agents to further the pro-Registration interests; however, not all mutant employees are there willingly, or in agreement with their employer’s views.

The Brotherhood, mutant activists who chafe against any perceived insults to their own kind, has called for mutants to rise and fight back against this oppression. Disillusioned mutants have steadily answered this call and work to ensure that their people have a future.

The X-Men, mutant vigilantes once hailed as heroes, stand in silent opposition to Registration, and continue, as they have for the past decade, to put themselves in the way of any threats which could further divide the potential for peaceful coexistence. With enmities growing stronger, the X-Men seek to protect young mutants by searching them out and bringing them home to the Xavier Institute, a private school in upstate New York, in order to prepare them for what awaits them in the real world.

The policy governing O*N*E* is continuing to evolve, and once-nascent threats to mutantkind are finally growing active. With so many conflicting agendas in the world, it is time for all of us to choose one.


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